Mindfucking Massachusetts Prog Metal

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Stand-up mortal runners whom travel on oceans of deception 24 hours a day, communicating downtown via-low velocity weapons, often become sick and tired of their own behavior.

With current metal trends and fashion styles set on "mute", this six-piece from Massachusetts burns through the pile of redundancy like a magnifying glass to ants on a hot summer day. All the while, FROZEN still cannot be lumped in as a "conventional" Metal band. Experimentation is the key ingredient to the band's formula, and FROZEN cannot deny the mixture of influences that they all share together: Metal in countless genres (death, black, thrash, speed), progressive rock with a flair for classical and jazz influences, not to mention Nintendo music, 80's hits and ballads alike — all of those common influences somehow jarble together into an unlikely, albeit harmonious and hard-hitting genre-crossing hybrid. FROZEN's third, homegrown, self-recorded album is just such a creation.

In October of 2008, the recording process for their third offering, aptly titled "3", began at Damage Studios with the band's own Peter Rutcho (Revocation, Bury Your Dead) at the production helm. The process was long and seemingly endless, however 2010 brought the recording's completion. The advent of a declining demand for CDs, "3" was subsequently released solely on digital format in 2011. The response ended up being so good (voted #1 album of the year on MetalSucks.com) that the band had officially released a physical CD pressing in the autumn of 2012.

Armed with a new release and having shared the stage with a wide variety of acts including Katatonia, Celtic Frost, Sonata Arctica, Finntroll and Within Temptation just to name a few, FROZEN sets off on its quest to show metalheads that music can be intelligent and heavy, meaningful and melodic, and most importantly that this band means business.

Frozen is:
Kenneth Paul Benda - Vocals
Michael Abdow - Guitar
Peter Rutcho - Keyboards / Guitar
Jose Bahamonde - Guitar
Colin Conway - Drums